Steel structures are the basis for many constuctions from bridges to hangars, factory halls, power plants to stadiums.

Our company follows many years of tradition of handicrafting steel structures and construction of bridges.

Production portfolio has wide range of constructions for specific field of use:

  • road bridges
  • pipe bridges
  • footbridges
  • structures for power plants supporting columns and grates of boilers)
  • technological structures
  • buildings of civil construction


We offer complete production of steel structures from A to Z.

Workplace for production of heavy steel structures has 80 x 15 m and is equipped by 2 cranes with the weight limit of 50 tons. We can produce a structure with a weight up to 100 tons. Monthly capacity for manufacturing is 200 tons.

The process of production steel structures is lead from the beginning to the end by our own employees and capacities. We can cut the plates, prepare weld edges and roll plates. We can weld by hand as well as automated welding.

On our laser cutting machines we can prepare weld edges, also friction of joints steel structures. When needed, we have the possibility to have the weldment heat treated after welding.

Needed inspections and testing of weld edges, surfaces and welds is done by our own staff and also by our external acredited organisation Vítkovice Testing Center.

We can offer sand blasting and surface treatment. All under one roof, without the product leaving the covered part of our production hall.